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Dünenweg 4, 24321 Hohwacht (Kieler Bucht)
Tel.: +49 (0)4381 / 4076-0

Hotel Seeschlösschen**** Wellness-card

Wellness-Karte Grafik im Kopfbereich

Wellness from the very beginning:

(M2) Silk glove massage

Gentle yet intensive care for the whole body, with Garshan silk gloves to cleanse your skin and boost your body’s detox system. A pleasure not to be missed, prior to your care treatment.

Ca. 20 min. / 30,00 €

From the top of your head to the tips of your toes

(M6) Whole-body massage

The whole-body massage is an efficient treatment to diagnose, deal with stress and relax your muscles. Lava deep heat pack, foot reflexology treatment and acupressure massage are the perfect trio for your complete well-being.

Ca. 50 min. / 68,00 €

Pure relaxation

(M8) Ayurvedic Marma point Massage

As everything in the tradition of Ayurveda, this massage is a holistic approach to the body. It includes cleansing as well as strengthening elements. The individual massage sequences equally address and treat your body, mind and soul. Is there a better way to bring your smile back to your face, no matter how challenging your everyday life may be?

Ca. 45 min. / 55,00 €

(M10) Herbal stamp massage

The herbal stamp massage uses herbal stamps (called Khizi or Pinda). During the massage, the part of the body that needs treatment is massaged with aroma oils that are individually selected for you. After that, the herbal stamps, that are soaked with oil, are passed over the body's meridians and energy channels.

Ca. 40 min. / 70,00 €

(M13) Foot reflexology combi treatment

While a deep heat pack is being applied to your muscles, which prepares them for a relaxing massage, you will receive a foot reflexology massage. Afterwards, your warmed-up shoulder girdle and neck muscles are massaged to help them relax and regenerate.

Ca. 40 min. / 51,00 €

All information is subject to change.

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Dünenweg 4
24321 Hohwacht

phone: 0049 (0)4381 / 4076-0
fax: 0049 (0)4381 / 4076-50


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Dünenweg 4, 24321 Hohwacht

Tel.: 04381 / 4076-0
Fax: 04381 / 4076-50


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